Domain Name Tricks

How To Help Your Potential Clients Find You!

If you have a Website, you have a Domain Name, it’s the part that comes after the www. in your URL. Typing this URL into the address bar of their browser is the way many of your visitors will arrive at your Website. The other way would be by clicking a link found elsewhere on the Internet.

You have made it as easy on your visitors as you could by choosing a Domain Name that is as close to your company name as possible, maybe even exactly the same. This helps you with your company branding, and gives the consumer a good place to start when looking for you on the Internet, if for some reason your business card was not in front of them.

But what if there was more you could do to increase the ease in which someone would be able to arrive at your Website? A way that would allow a visitor more latitude in the URL that he or she typed, while still being directed to you. Well there is, and it’s called Domain Parking!

Domain Parking

Domain Parking is the process of “Parking” one or more Domain Names, or URLs, on top of the Domain that points to your Website, more or less. This means that a Website can have any number of Domain Names pointing to it!

Same Name, Different Extensions

One popular use is to have domain.COM, domain.NET, domain.ORG, etc. This way, if the visitor gets the extension wrong, they will still arrive at the appropriate site. If you type into your browser’s address bar, it will resolve to! This protects against simple typing mistakes a user may make, and helps to capture the Web traffic that would otherwise be missed.

Different Name, Same Extension

Sometimes it may be prudent to use different Domain Names entirely. A customer may not know your company name, but knows full well what product or service he or she needs. Having a URL that matches your product(s) and/or service(s) could bring in consumers who never heard of your company. Care to guess where goes, or Yep, straight to!

Microsoft understands that sometimes the product or service is more well known, and maybe even more important than the company name. Especially if you have spent a lot of time, effort, and money branding those products or services. Microsoft could change their name to “Puters N Stuff” and everyone would still know what Windows and Office are.

Different Spellings

There are certain words in the english language that a lot of folks misspell. There, their, and they’re are three words that sound exactly the same. Suppose Marie has a bakery named “Let There Be Cake” used the URL It would be wise to also register and park a Domain using the other spelling variations. Having and will ensure the customer makes it to Marie’s Website.

Spelling Errors

What if a user made a typo while typing your address, where would that user wind up? Another common practice is to register common typing errors. Type into your browser and see where it goes! It’s easy to type an I instead of an O, and if your customer does it, they could end up on your competitor’s Website.

Edge Out The Competition

Do you know who else knows these tricks? Your competition!

Your competition is after the same thing you are after, your customers. They will do everything they can, and take every advantage they can get to be successful. Just like you. It’s the nature of business. Do you think that some of the above tips might give one an edge on the Internet? The question is, who will gain that edge, you or the other guy?

Take for instance. While it is easy for a web surfer to type sift when he or she meant soft, there is a much larger issue at play. Microsoft simply didn’t want to fall into the hands of Apple or IBM or Corel, or any of the hundreds or thousands of their competitors. Is this legal, you may ask? Yes it is. Not only is it legal, it takes place every day.

Imagine the business Maria could loose if the bakery across town registered and and parked them over their own Website.

So How Much Does It Cost?

The great thing about Domain Parking is how affordable it is. How much are you paying for your current Domain Name? Well, each additional URL should cost the same amount.

Please note, if you received your Domain Name free as part of a Website package, most Top Level Domain Extensions currently sell for $12.00 to $20.00 per year. So if you pay $12.00 per year for your current Domain Name, each additional one of the same extension should be the same.

Most reputable Webhosts will not charge you extra to park additional Domains, above the cost of the annual registration. If yours does, you may want to look for a new Webhost, as this service costs them nothing.


We have learned that having more than one Domain Name pointing to our Website can help a visitor find us, help overcome typing mistakes, and give us a leg up over our competition.

If we can be of service to you, please give us a call. We currently offer .com .net .orgDomain Names at $12.00 per year, other extensions are available but may be priced higher.

If your Website is hosted with us we will park unlimited additional Domains at no additional charge.